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What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is business innovation accomplished through digitization, digitalization, digital experience design & digital predictions.

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Get the data you need

  • Digitize your business data so your decisions are matured and successful.

  • Digitalize your business processes so your business results are predictable.


We work with our clients so closely that we tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

Platform development

Upgrade your legacy offerings into recurring revenue generating business with cloud hosted digital platforms(PaaS, SaaS).

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App Development

App driven economy and market demands digital data, connected people and smart devices.

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Cloud Integration

Realize returns on investment and get rid of capital expense items by adopting cloud.

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Data Integration

Let your business data be new Oil and Soil that brings in new revenue growth opportunities.

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Continuous delivery of innovation & value is only way to retain competitive advantage.

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User Experience Design

We build meaningful relationship by solving business problems through experience design.

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Team Aaruni Experience

Happy relationships keep us in business!

We work with our clients so closely that we tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.

How we work?


Opportunities monetized

Innovation & Design helps delight our clients.


Problems solved

Quality and proactive communication help us earn client trust.


Guaranteed return on investment for businesses with matured teams, operations & documented records.

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Asset management solution

Track your business assets for physical location, ownership, maintenance, valuation & compliance using IoT, BLE, RFID, bar-code technologies.

  • No more worries about tracking Asset condition, Asset utilization & Asset value.

  • Complete visibility about asset budget, asset cost to decide on repair, refurbish or replace.

Warehouse management solution

Simplify your warehouse operation, deliver goods on-time within minimum cost using smart devices, business & artificial intelligence.

  • Real-time Inventory Visibility from procurement to payment.

  • Manage your end to end Inbound (purchase to receipt) & Outbound (production to fulfillment) logistics.

Digital printing business solution

Our solution delivers real-time tracking of Job Card across ‘Design’, ‘Print’, ‘Finish’ phases with intelligent view of Financial, Inventory, Operational & Sales status of the digital printing business using smart devices, QR code, business intelligence technologies.

  • Your trusted Digital Printing Service Manager.

  • Easy, quick and risk free decision making with Business Intelligent reports.

How we work?

We go extra mile to server our clients with complete understanding of their business model, offerings, customer persona, operating market and competition.

We are obsessed with solving the industries biggest problems.

Every challenge and opportunity excites us to express ourselves through our team competencies.

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Latest News

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